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Basic Website Service
Basic Website Service

Basic website you can manage pages, navigation, and contents with simple steps yourself. You can add, update, or delete your products anytime. Posting latest promotions or special news can be part of your daily life.

  • Content management systems
  • Presentation websites
  • Online catalogs
  • Any other dynamic websites
CRM System Service
CRM System Service

Basic CRM System to help you track your business growth, profits, and expenses. Managing customer information, invoices, and receipts with easy and simple steps.

  • Manage Banking Accounts
  • Manage Customers with Transactions
  • Create Invoices / Receipts
฿19500.00 12900.00
Custom Software Service
Custom Software Service

Custom features to make your website or system more flexible and suitable to your business.

Social Media Service
Social Media Service

Social Media Administrator
Social Media helps you tell people about your business, connect with people, get to know your customers better and reach new ones, get insights about how people are responding to your business, and find out what type of people love your business the most.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Ads are designed to help you achieve business goals and connect to customers. You can spend whatever fits your budget and even get specific about which people you reach, which is one of the most important factors for your success. You can bring back people who have expressed interests in your business and more likely to make a purchase or become a lead.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Line Official Account