Introducing Our Basic Website Service

Introducing Our Basic Website Service

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 / 1821 Views

As you may know, nowadays, people use search engine like Google to find what they are looking for. A lot of businesses who show their information and products online tend to have more customers and make more sales than local businesses who still continue with the same way of selling their products. As you search for something on Google, for example, healthy products, there will be a bunch of links related to healthy products you search for. Those links will lead you to the screens containing information related to what you are looking for, and we call the screen a website page, which is the main part of a website and the same thing we will use to describe our basic website service. Not only website pages can be opened through Google or other search engine, but also through a website domain, for example,, advertised on a television, a business card, a brochure, or even social media like Facebook or Instagram.

WHAT is our basic website service?

We will separate our basic website service into two parts. One is the basic website part and another is the service part.

Our basic website consists of main pages, which are the pages containing any kinds of information related to page titles, to introduce your business, such as Homepage where your featured information and pictures are displayed to impress your customers the first time they visit, Product page where product information and categories are presented for customers or visitors to know more about a product they are looking for, Promotion page where special promotions are offered to customers to choose to make a great deal of their consuming, Contact Us page where customers can contact you through messages, and so on. It also has the features of CMS that you can easily add, update, or delete your contents, which include products, promotions, your biography and history, photo galleries and more, anytime you want by yourself.

The service part, the part that we have to bring it up here is because we would like to make sure that you and we are on the same page of understanding that everything on our basic website will be implemented, managed, and owned by us, you only pay to use our service of our basic website the same way you use your phone service. You can use our service as soon as you sign the contact and pay for its annual plan, and the service will stop as soon as you miss the payment or the year ends. So, you do not need to worry about any maintenance or support or any software related issues. You simply use it and let us know if you face any concerns.

WHO will be getting the benefits of having an official business website?

The first and the main people who we focus are customers, definitely. They are who we really concern about, so we want to have the best way of showing the most valuable facts and benefits of our products and services to customers for their decision of consuming. Moreover, they can save their time and energy of asking us basic information they need to know, and can avoid make mistakes of their consuming.

The second person is your employee, your vendors, and anyone who will be joining you as a part of your team. They will be getting to know the clarity and credibility of your business and working faster and smoother through your website.

Last but not least is you as a business person. You will have another way of introduce your business officially following the current trend in the technology world to possibly have more customers and make more sales and definitely make your life simpler.

WHEN would it be a good time for your business to be introduced online and let everyone in this world know you exist?

We believe that the more you business is known the more customers you get. So, first you got to believe that a good website is a great official introduction of your business, and you are ready to show local people or even people around the world see how amazing of your business is, how professional you are, how your business looks like, and what quality you take to create or build your products and services.

It might be another expense for your business, but if you really compare the amount of this expense with the amount of future income you may make. We believe that it will be worth it having chances of making your targeted market or groups of customers wider, making your business official to customers who like to do researches on what they are planning to buy, and even saving time from your routine of Questions and Answers.

WHERE do you start?

Simply contact us through phone number, email, Facebook, Line for more details, a sample, or face-to-face introduction and discussion. We are looking forward to hear from you.

WHY us?

1. Along with the basic features, we customize a website or a system based on your needs to make your work smoother as a user

2. There are options of templates are available for you to choose to make your website suitable to your business and to make you feel comfortable and excited introducing your business to customers through your website

3. You can manage pages and contents anytime you want with simple steps

4. We provide reports showing statistics of numbers of customers contacting you through your website, numbers of visitors, numbers of visits on your products and services and your promotions.

5. We do have a training service as requested and QA support 24/7

HOW do you get it started and completed?

There are few steps that might help us deliver your basic website service fast and impressive (Details will be discussed later).

1. Have your draft of your business introduction, biography, and history written on a paper or a file

2. Categorize your products and services in a way you would like to introduce to customers

3. Photos of your business to display on your website

4. Contact us to get started